Petro-Crete offers a full line of concrete products. We have the right blend of technology and engineering to fulfill the requirement of your project no matter the size or specifications.

Our volumetric mixers accurately calculate product required for your project. You only pay for the product you use.

  • 1500 PSI - 5000 PSi Concrete Mixes
  • Flowable Fill
  • Grout
  • Peagravel Concrete Mixes
  • Cement Stabilized Sand
  • Red Dyed Flowable Fill for Utility Lines
  • Rathole, Mousehole, & Conductors
  • TXDOT Approved

On-Site Production

Petro-Crete is equipped to set up clients with remote, large volume, demanding projects.

We are able to set up on site in a matter of hours with portable silos, truchs, water tanks, and loaders while stockpiling concrete materials on location.

Setting up on site allows us to tailor concrete production to the specific needs of the client while reducing losses incurred during wait times for truch arrival or round trips to the plant. Petro-Crete’s 24/7 service is tailored to your time frame.

Material Safety Data Sheet