Our Process

One of the difficulties of any concrete pour is timing. Due to the remoteness of many sites in the oil and gas industry or the unforeseen problem, finishers often must deal with old or hot concrete due to conventional concrete mixing systems. At Petro-Crete, we use volumetric mixers that allow us to mix on-site high quality, fresh concrete. The process is best described by one of our truck manufacturers.

“Sand, stone and cement are loaded into specially-manufactured bins. The polyethylene tank is filled with water for mixing and cleanup. Once you’re ready to pour, the operator simply adjusts the dual aggregate flow gates to ensure the correct amount of sand and stone are delivered to the mix.

A proprietary cross-member delivery chain with a bolt-on rubber conveyor belt delivers the precise amount of aggregate to a high-speed auger.

Cement is accurately dispensed and as the cement and other materials enter the mixing auger, water is introduced to provide the required slump. The auger, manufactured with hardened wear plates completes the mixing action.

The full-function wireless remote control gives a single operator the freedom to stand in a convenient location and make adjustments to the conveyor belt, auger and discharge rate with ease.”

Petro-Crete is here to meet your concrete needs with the highest quality, freshest product possible.

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